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In these terms and conditions, The Company means Kakadu Air Services Pty Ltd ABN 65 009 624 088, including its employees, agents and representatives and any party with which the company may have made arrangements with.

Passenger means the person who is booked or carried on a flight with the company whether or not that flight departs on time or at all.  These Terms and Conditions have their origin on the Kakadu Air website, this site is primarily concerned with scenic flights, Air Tours and casual charter, based but not limited to Jabiru and Darwin.


The Company reserves the following rights, to cancel, or to postpone any flight without notice should a circumstance occur that might represent a threat to the safe conduct of the flight or tour.  That a minimum number of passengers may be required to conduct a flight at the brochure price, that number is four persons.

It is common that flight bookings for our product is made at very short notice. It is important that bookings are confirmed. Reservations are considered confirmed only after a cash transaction, i.e. if made at a tour or travel agency including select accommodation properties. A convenient method of making a confirmed booking is by booking online on this website. As you might be remotely located when required to make a confirmed booking it is possible to make arrangements with our reservations service by phone.

When making a reservation you may be asked your approximate weight, don’t be offended or concerned, Kakadu Air operates light aircraft, take-off weight is a safety issue, we will not fly overweight, or compromise safety



Reservations cancelled inside of 72 hours (3days) from departure will forfeit payment in full

Reservations cancelled between 72hours and 168 hours (7 days) from departure are refunded 50%; and

Reservations cancelled beyond 7 days will receive a full refund. 

In some circumstances consideration for refund or transfer may be given on compassionate grounds, subject to the following conditions:

Compassionate Grounds — Death

Passengers can apply for a credit or booking change in circumstances concerning the unfortunate death or imminent death of a direct family member. Kakadu Air Services will require a letter of proof from a member of the Clergy, Funeral Director or Police Officer. A decision to grant an exemption from our general cancellation policy will be wholly at the discretion of Kakadu Air Services.

Compassionate Grounds — Serious Illness

Passengers can apply for a credit or a booking change due to serious illness. Kakadu Air Services will require a letter of proof from a General Practitioner or Specialist Doctor. A decision to grant an exemption from our general cancellation policy will be wholly at the discretion of Kakadu Air Services.


This website refers to scenic flights and tours from Jabiru, Cooinda, and Darwin.

Jabiru scenic flights depart from the Jabiru Airport, this is located near the end of the Arnhem Highway, about 5klm beyond the turn off into the township of Jabiru. It is clearly signed. Check in and information is available inside the Terminal. A mini bus transfer service is available between Jabiru accommodations and the Jabiru Airstrip. Cost is $10 per person. 

Cooinda flights, depart from the Cooinda Airstrip. Information, bookings and check in is available at the Cooinda reception. Departure to the airstrip is also from the Cooinda reception area, where a Kakadu Air representative will meet passengers and transfer to the Airport by minibus. Private vehicle access to the airport, which is on private property is dissuaded.

Darwin air tours, Depart from the departure lounge at 2 Slade Court, Eaton NT 0820 (Darwin Airport) Darwin Airport transfers are not included. The drive time to the Darwin CBD is approx. 15 minutes. Pre-booking a taxi is recommended.  Car parking is not provided.  There is a public car park on Pedersen Road, 250 meters away.

Check In: All flights require a check in 30 minutes prior to the advertised departure time. A late departure is likely to affect passengers on following flights. Our Goal is to remain on time, if your arrival is likely to be delayed please inform us urgently, we will offer you alternative options.

Aircraft: In Kakadu, most scenic flights are operated in Gippsland Airvans. Purchased new from the Gippsland factory, these Australian built aircraft were designed for outback utility work and a credible alternative to the aging Cessna range of similar sized aircraft, at this time they are regarded as simply the best light aircraft available worldwide from which to conduct aerial surveillance and scenic flights. At times our fourteen seat turbine powered Cessna Caravan aircraft can be used for scenic flights.

Aircraft from Darwin (tour) The Darwin / Kakadu Tour requires a high aircraft speed to be able to complete a satisfactory itinerary in our planned time. To achieve this and when confirming low numbers we will fly in twin engine Cessna aircraft, these have a low wing, however with practiced technique the pilot will lower the wing for views of various attractions.


Kakadu Air respects the “Kakadu National Park managements” voluntary code of conduct. Known as the “The fly neighbourly policy” which limits flights to a certain minimum height above terrain, and distance lateral from about 30 locations in Kakadu, in order to improve the experience of those on the ground at those locations. Jim Jim Falls and Twin falls are two of those locations. These falls are fantastic viewing and are able to be seen freely in the WET Season, when the road is closed and there is nobody on the ground, however in Dry Season, the road is open there are people on the ground, and there are NO SIGNIFICANT WATER FLOWS, nor significant views. Kakadu Air has been flying Kakadu since 1981, we know the area. In the dry season we have an opportunity to explore country that is much more varied and spectacular than dry waterfalls


Kakadu Air welcomes children and infants on board. 

Infant means a person who has not  turned 2, They are required to ride on the lap of a parent or guardian with provided child sized seat belts. Child refers to a person who has turned 2 but not 13 are given their own seat during the flight. Persons 13 years or older are classified as adult and are given the full fee.


The Company and or the pilot in command has absolute discretion as to the operation of the aircraft, its final or interim destination, or whether it operates at all, such interruptions to service will generally be made in the interest of the continued safety of the aircraft its passengers or its crew and will not be questioned.

The passenger must not carry in person or within passenger’s baggage or other goods, any alcoholic liquor, matches. explosives, weapons, volatile or corrosive liquids or any goods that are regarded in aviation as dangerous goods. Such goods will not be carried, and at the company’s sole discretion may be returned, confiscated, and or destroyed.

The Company and the pilot in command may refuse the carriage of a passenger, if that passenger could be regarded as likely to cause annoyance or offence to, or threaten the safety of the flight or any person on that flight.

In refusing service to any person or persons for reason of drunkenness, annoyance, offence, or threat to flight passengers or crew, the company refuses liability for any inconvenience or cost related to our refusal for the passenger or freight to travel.

The Company regularly charters into Arnhem Land, all passengers are responsible for obtaining all permits and travel documents that might be required at the point of landing. The Company does not assume to be aware of all the restrictions that might be applicable at the point of destination, nor that might be applied to the individual that is traveling to that destination. Such permits are absolutely the responsibility of the passenger, refusal for access at the destination is the responsibility of the passenger, and any cost involved in removing the passenger or freight including the return airfare is the responsibility of the refused passenger.

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