SEASONS - Wet & Dry

Seasons In The Top End
Kakadu enjoys two major climatic seasons, the wet and dry seasons, (local aboriginal folk recognize more seasons in their calendar).

Commencement and termination of wet & dry seasons by month are very predictable and can be diarized. The actual views and seasonal variations are not so predictable, for instance waterfalls are created by wet season rains, rain fall totals are predictable, but when exactly they will occur within the months of the “wet season” is not.

Massive rain fall early in the wet, but not followed up by subsequent back up rain can lead to an extremely dry, dry season; history shows billabongs and flood plains drying with terrible consequence to wildlife. A late cyclone however may allow wet season views of waterfalls and brimming floodplains well into dry season climatic conditions.

Kakadu Air scenic flights vary during the year, wet season scenes focus on the massive waterfalls, and during the dry, Arnhem Land, rock structures, rivers both fresh and saline, floodplains and billabongs.

When booking on line, the visual conditions are noted (wet or dry). If booking in a transition period and your particular preference is for a wet OR dry flight, you are advised to make an enquiry, not a paid booking. Both in fact are fantastic, many local ‘Darwinites’ are repeat clients, bringing out visitors on any occasion, in either season.

There are several options for Helicopter or Fixed Wing Flights over Kakadu National Park.


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